Neil Simmons is a photographer with a flair for life that shows up in his work. With a background in both business and photography (as a double-major at San Jose State University), fueled by a true affinity for the art of making pictures, Simmons exemplifies what it means to be a risen star in the field of professional photography. Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming Neil has 20 years of professional photography under his belt. The world around him, shimmering and rippling with ever-changing light, seasons, wildlife tendencies and behavior, provides Simmons with the materials he needs to be inspired and productive. He thoroughly enjoys the challenge of getting the“shot”while out in the field. An avid snowboarder, hiker and outdoorsman, Simmons enjoys being out in natural settings sharing the activities he loves most.
        As a professional photographer for 20 years Neil has plenty to teach on the technical side of photography but also loves teaching the habits and patterns of animals in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Spending thousands of days photographing bears, wolves, moose, elk, bison, and birds, Neil brings incredible knowledge to get you the wildlife shots you have been dreaming of. Understanding what months are best for certain animals and where they are located is the utmost important part of guiding in Wyoming. If you are lacking in the technical side of photography Neil has been a workshop leader since the days of film and offers a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of photography including lens choices, cameras, and editing software tips. Neil has shot primarily Nikon since his high school years of black and white photography, but has led many workshops and knows Canon and Sony Cameras as well.
        Besides Neil’s work as a wildlife and landscape photographer, he has also worked on many commercial projects, weddings, and portraits. His expertise in all avenues of photography is a unique skill set which helps him understand lighting and camera settings like no other. Whether it’s photographing the milky way or fast action Neil will help you achieve the shot and look you are going for.
    Neil Simmons is a professional photographer, a musician, and a snowboarder, but he is also a father, a son, and a grandson. After all, it was his grandfather, Walt, who initiated Neil into the world of photography by introducing the young boy to the art of making black and white prints in his darkroom in Rhode Island. His connection to his family gives Simmons a strong understanding of who he is, which translates in the clarity of his style and imaging. It is this combination of artistic edge with deeply entrenched commitment to family, friends and clients that makes Neil Simmons a unique photographer to work with.

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About tristen

    Tristen has a passion for life that radiates from her smile and is a part of all aspects of her life. She is a mother, a photographer, an adventurer, and a creative soul. Her love of wildlife, stunning landscapes, and the feeling you get from spending time in nature is something she enjoys sharing with others and makes her a great guide. 
        Originally from Southern California she had a very different life growing up. The first twenty six years of her life were spent on the ice as an Olympic Pairs Figure Skater. She was a National Champion, World and International Team Member and Olympic Team Alternate. Training eight hours a day six days a week instilled a work ethic like no other that she has carried through her life. She retired from skating at age thirty and started a family. Her two boys are her greatest love and accomplishment. 
      Once both boys were in school and she was no longer skating, Tristen picked up a camera and started photography classes. Those classes along with an incredible mentor led to her finding herself behind the lens and a new life path as a professional photographer. After moving to Jackson Hole, Wyoming she discovered a love of wildlife and the land that she never could have imagined. In Wyoming, each season brings new spectacular photo opportunities, with Tristen’s favorite being fall. Taking notes and comparing wildlife behavior year to year has helped her learn the nuances of the local ecosystems, giving her a unique edge as a guide. You might say she is a little moose obsessed, however, bears in the Spring are a close second. Overall, learning about the animals and capturing extraordinary moments on camera has given Tristen a life beyond her dreams.
       When she is not lost in nature, you will find Tristen having fun with her two boys, practicing yoga, mountain biking, snowboarding, partaking in retail therapy, enjoying good food and wine, or quality time with friends. She is fueled by coffee, trail mix, chocolate, and laughter. Tristen enjoys the art of photo editing, as it feeds her creative side. Additionally, she is a web designer and social media manager for many businesses. Her photography has been featured by Nikon and in the homes of numerous wildlife lovers. 
      As a guide, Tristen’s goal is to share with her clients the excitement and rush of photographing wildlife, the beauty of a Wyoming sunrise or sunset, and the profound joy of a day spent in nature. She is committed to giving you the best experience possible and having a lot of fun along the way.

As a team of long-time professional photographers and guides, Tristen and Neil have a deep understanding of the animals that inhabit the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and how to get you in the best position for photos. Our photo tours cater to every skill level. Whether you’re
a beginner getting to know your camera, or an expert on vacation looking for the best photos possible. Why waste your time getting to know each animal in every season when we can take you to the exact location an animal was seen last on any given day? We are part of a small group of photographers and guides that share animal location information which will ensure we have the best wildlife viewing possible.
Booking a tour with us you can be assured we have all the proper insurance and permits needed to guide clients in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. With over 20 years of professional photography Neil can help you understand any element of your camera and various camera systems. With Tristen’s knowledge and observation of local wildlife, Roam Wild Photo Tours is the perfect choice for your wildlife photography adventure.

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