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As a team of long-time professional photographers and guides, Tristen and Neil have a deep understanding of the animals that inhabit the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and how to get you in the best position for photos. Our photo tours cater to every skill level. Whether you’re a beginner getting to know your camera, or an expert on vacation looking for the best photos possible. Why waste your time getting to know each animal in every season when we can take you to the exact location an animal was seen last on any given day? We are part of a small group of photographers and guides that share animal location information which will ensure we have the best wildlife viewing possible.

Booking a tour with us you can be assured we have all the proper insurance and permits needed to guide clients in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. With over 20 years of professional photography Neil can help you understand any element of your camera and various camera systems. With Tristen’s knowledge, observation, and passion of local wildlife, Roam Wild Photo Tours is the perfect choice for your wildlife photography adventure.

• 2 Day Tour 1- 4 People $2750
• 3 Day Tour 1-4 People $3750
• 4 Day Tour 1-4 People $4995
• Full Day Tours
• Hotel Pick Up Each Day (hotel not included)
• Year Round

custom multi day tour 


• 8 Hour Split Day  (4-hour sunrise tour, mid-day break,  4-hour sunset tour) 1-4 People
• Early Morning Departure
• Hotel Pick Up
• Year Round ( no mid day break in winter)

full day Tour


• 6 Hours 1-4 people
• Early Morning Departure or Late Afternoon
• Hotel Pick Up
• Year Round

Half day Tour

Preparing For Your Photo Adventure 

We have a saying here in Jackson Hole...if you don't like the weather give it five minutes. With our ever changing weather conditions proper clothing and footwear can greatly impact your day. Rain gear, hiking shoes, sunscreen, hats, and layers can make or break your day. Make sure to charge your equipment, bring extra batteries and memory cards. We will provide snacks, water, and coffee and on full day tours in yellowstone we stop at one of the Lodges for you to grab lunch. On full day tours in Grand Teton National Park we will return to Jackson for a midday break. 

offered only in Grand Teton

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